AXS has redefined collaborative community. We are the leading successful living membership club of cause, and purpose-driven people who understand that the power of community creates opportunity, energy and purpose. Our promise is to inspire, uplift and serve, while equipping our members with the entrepreneurial mindset and practical tools needed to live successful lives, as each defines success. Through online and in-person education and training, impactful events, business networking opportunities, experiential travel, courses and workshops, publications, mentoring and more, our members manifest their fullest personal, professional and philanthropic selves.

Success Mastery Training
AXS provides a comprehensive online curriculum with books, audios, videos, and articles to educate and equip individuals with timeless and proven concepts and principles for success as each member defines success.

Corporate Connectivity through Culture
Increase happiness, morale and productivity in your company through our proprietary and unique culture building program. Unify your team by creating a positive like-mindedness all headed in the same direction.

Events, Travel & Benefits
We combine learning with fun and benefits. Experience powerful local training, mastermind, and business networking. In addition, plan your vacations along with our many global events to incredible destinations. We leverage our large network for exclusive benefits and rewards to pass on to our members.

Network Determines Net Worth
We believe net worth is more than financial, it’s how we value and attract health, wealth, and happiness in our lives. Join now to become part of a powerful and like-minded global collaborative community that shares your values. Build real, long lasting connections and discover new opportunities at our events, and in our social community. Grow your network, thrive in community.
AXS Welcome to the Evolution
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